Thursday, August 19, 2010

dedoimedo on google docs

Dedoimedo:  "Google Docs -- Clouding with style"

I know that cloud-based apps are no more Dedoimedo's cup of tea than they are mine.  He seems to see them as another tool that's out there, but not necessarily something he'd want to use.  On the privacy issues, he says: 

To wrap the review, I must emphasize the importance of privacy and trust. I do not believe in evil corporations just waiting to suck your blood and turn it into electricity, but you might have qualms about storing your data offsite, on third-party servers far away from your home. And indeed you should. This is a very important thing to take into consideration.

As I've stated in Zoho review, I believe in a more classic, desktop oriented mode of work. However, I do see great merits in using a solution like Google Docs. It's free, secure and simple and runs well no matter what platform and browser you choose. You also gain flexibility and portability. You let go off compatibility and file format issues that normally arise when working with office documents of this and that sort. You're free to focus on your work, using a very simple and friendly interface. 
Well, that's it. I've played the Devil's Advocate part. It's up to you to make the right choice. I cannot make it for you. I can merely show you the technology wonders and let you decide.

I wouldn't feel comfortable using Google Docs for things I don't want prying eyes to see.  But web-based applications have a place, and there are times when they can come in handy.

Just another tool at your disposable; and a pretty nice one!

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