Tuesday, March 15, 2011

final four

Talk about going out on a limb! Obama's picks to make the Final Four: Duke, Kansas, Ohio State, and PIttsburgh. On the women's side, he picks Baylor, UConn, Stanford, and Tennessee.

In other words, he went with the #1 seed every time!

How boring.

How about going with the approach mentioned in this article:

March Madness Advice: 3 Tips for How to Actually Enjoy the NCAA Tournament

#1: Pick your team to win it all.
#2: Pick some REAL upsets.
#3: Cheer for the games, not your brackets.

Yeah, that's kinda how I feel! It ain't March Madness without the upsets! I personally enjoy the tournament a lot more when I don't fill out a bracket, but that's just me -- I almost feel un-American in saying that! But, hey, here's hoping that NONE of the #1 seeds make the Final Four!

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