Monday, August 1, 2011

pipe menus

Thanks to this article, I recently found out about Openbox pipe menus.

For more info, see these Openbox wiki articles:

I like the SysInfo pipe menu:

To add the “SysInfo” pipe menu in Openbox in Ubuntu Lucid, I downloaded from (see the System Information section). I created the directory ~/.config/openbox/scripts and moved into it. Going by the notes in the scritpt, I edited ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml, adding the following line:

<menu execute="~/.config/openbox/scripts/" id="sysinfo-menu" label="SysInfo"/>

I placed that line in the menu between the obmenu and entries. Then I edited the script as follows to reflect Lucid's partitions:

MountPoint1=$(echo /dev/sdb5)
MountPoint2=$(echo /dev/sdb6)

Made the script executable, then did a restart from the Openbox menu, and the pipe menu worked.

I haven't yet found any other pipe menus that I'd like to add, but there are many of them that other people have created, and of course you can create your own. Here's a post about them at the PCLinuxOS forums, by forum member "menotu."

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