Monday, March 12, 2012

darkduck reviews semplice

DarkDuck's Semplice Linux review:

What interested me here is that I've also noticed that PCManFM doesn't always start when I click on "File Manager" in the menu, as DarkDuck mentioned. I don't understand why this happens, but it seems to happen about half the time, and less frequently lately. For example, I logged into Semplice just now and clicked on "File Manager" in the menu and PCManFM opened up normally, and I think that it has opened normally in my last several sessions.

Perhaps bringing in some Sid updates has fixed the issue.

I found that each time PCManFM fails to start, if I log out and back in it opens up fine.

Anyway, the distro looks nice here, especially for such a young project. DarkDuck's complaints about the default set of apps -- who cares? You've got the Debian repos at your fingertips.

The real question is how, or if, Semplice Linux (or Debian Unstable) fits in.

I don't think I'd use any distro besides Debian Stable as my sole production system without some other installation available to log into. Even with Fedora, which I absolutely love, when a new release comes out I keep the old one installed, just in case.

But I guess that's part of the beauty of Linux -- and of Debian. After spending some time with Semplice, I can imagine a dual-boot set-up with Debian Stable and Debian Unstable. I could use Sid most of the time, taking advantage of the more up-to-date packages, and still have Stable available if/when things went wrong. I think that's the approach one should take with Semplice, if it's a distro that interests a user. I love using it, but it'll never be the only distro installed here.

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