Thursday, May 31, 2012

e17 desktop menus

Here's what comes up when I click on my Enlightenment (E17) desktop in PCLinuxOS. When I left-click on the desktop, I get the main menu:

A middle-click brings up the Windows menu:

And a right-click brings up my Favorites list:

A desktop right-click menu is one of my favorite tools. I set it up in E17 by going to the main menu > Settings > All > Apps > Favorite Applications, bringing up this window:

Here, under the Selection tab, I just click on an app, then click "Add."

Then I click on the "Order" tab to arrange the entries.

Unfortunately, every time I try to arrange my entries this way, the configuration doesn't take. I kept going back to that "Order" tab to try move my new entries into place where I wanted them, but it didn't work.


But, I found that I could do it manually by opening up ~/.e/e/applications/menu/ I edited this file by moving each app's entry (in both the "Layout" and "Include" section) to where I wanted it, then saved the file. That did the trick, and now the entries in my desktop right-click are correctly in place:

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