Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I was a LeBron James hater, but not any more.

Watching him play this season changed everything. Best all-around player in the game. He plays a lot like Magic Johnson -- not as good of a floor leader, but stronger taking it to the rack, and really a better shooter and scorer.

Kevin Durant's still my favorite, because of the sweet shot. But Durant doesn't have the better all-around game. LeBron can drop dimes with the best of them, and he's a great defender, too.

My opinion is that all the LeBron-haters ought to just step back and enjoy what this guy brings to the game, what he does out there on the court. What has he done that's so awful? From the Detroit Free Press, Drew Sharp: LeBron James took easy path? Dream on:

The personal hate for the guy is downright childish.

As we've learned through the Tiger Woods' charade, image and reality can stand at polar opposites. I'll couch this by adding "as far as we know," there have been no public episodes of belligerence involving LeBron. No obsessions with porn stars and diner waitresses. No nightclub soirees with a loaded, unlocked automatic pistol slipping out of his underwear. No DUIs. No drug busts. He got engaged to the mother of his children.

LeBron's just a baller, plain and simple. People who love the game should respect that, and quit all the hatin' and just kick back and watch. Dude's a great one.

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