Monday, April 15, 2013

"slavery to connectivity"

Have we become (or are many of us becoming) slaves to connectivity? For ComputerBob and his wife, portable devices like smartphones and tablets equal less "freedom" rather than more. ComputerBob and his wife, like many other people (believe it or not!), don't rely on cell phones, and still use a land line at home. Check out his blog post, "What's a Dial Tone?"

I think they're being smart in the way they're looking at things. I own two notebooks, but I don't bother taking them with me when I leave home. I have a smartphone, but I rarely use if for the internet. I find it annoying, sometimes, that I'm paying for service for me and M.A.L., that I have to handle this fragile smartphone with such tender care, and that I have to keep it charged and remember to take it with me everywhere I go.

But, I'm glad I have my portable, web-ready devices. Dang things come in handy sometimes. Either way you look at it, freedom has its price, as they say.

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