Monday, March 31, 2014

easiest openbox set-up ever

Installed Openbox in Kubuntu 12.04 this morning. I basically looked at my notes from when I installed Openbox in Wheezy KDE, installed the same set of packages, and then copied my config files right from Wheezy KDE into Kubuntu.

I had to edit two things in the menu's configuration file: the command for Chromium (in Debian it's just chromium but in the 'Buntus it's chromium-browser) and the command for Synaptic.

Can't find anything else to do; looks like everything is set up nicely. With Openbox, the keys are to keep good notes and to save copies of the config files; then, future Openbox installations are a piece of cake.

Added volumeicon-alsa from the repos, then added the following line to ~/.config/openbox/autostart:

volumeicon &

The volume icon shows up in the system tray; with the cursor hovering over the icon, the mouse scroll wheel controls the volume level.

A screenshot of my desktop, with the menu open and a few apps running:

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