Saturday, January 10, 2015

another netinst, more practice

I did another Debian Jessie netinst (again with only Openbox). Just wanted to feel satisfied that I've got the process down.

I decided to install via flash drive this time, and to use the amd64 .iso instead of the i386 one. To do this, I went to the Debian Installer page (, scrolled down to the Current daily snapshots section under "other images (netboot, USB stick, etc.), clicked on amd64, then clicked on the hd-media folder. Downloaded the boot.img.gz file.

I basically followed the steps from, section 4.3.2. "Manually copying files to the USB stick."

Here's a list of the packages that I installed, not including the dependencies brought in by those:

sudo xorg openbox obmenu obconf tint2 synaptic lightdm chromium xfce4-terminal geany nitrogen spacefm iceweasel gparted galculator libreoffice-calc libreoffice-writer vlc menu ntp mirage geeqie localepurge gksu alsa-base alsa-utils volumeicon-alsa wicd linux-firmware-nonfree linux-firmware-free

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