Sunday, January 4, 2015

new archbang release

ArchBang's Mr Green has announced a new release for 2015, which can be downloaded from

I'm still using the ArchBang installation that I added from archbang-14.06.2013-i686.iso, back in June 2013, and it's running fine, fully updated; so, I can't think of a reason for me to downloaded this latest release, unless I was interested in testing it out, which I'm not.

For whatever reason, this release has not yet been mentioned at DistroWatch. Also, good luck finding any recent ArchBang reviews -- the latest review shown at DW's ArchBang page is from 2013.

In my experience, ArchBang's a very nice distro for those who like Openbox and Arch Linux, but who want a quicker, easier installation than you get with Arch. It's basically Arch with some things already set up for you, even though many "real" Arch users would say that no Arch derivative is really Arch.

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