Wednesday, February 11, 2015

jessie kde-openbox

I downloaded debian-jessie-DI-rc1-i386-kde-CD-1.iso (about 641 MB) and replaced Wheezy Xfce with Jessie KDE on my "primary" computer. Here's a look at the default desktop:

And after setting a few things up, including a desktop right-click menu:

I don't use Konqueror a lot, but it's kinda cool how it can be used for file management and web browsing, at the same time!

Desktop effects work fine.

I also did some additional tweaking to my KDE desktop set-up:

I like that the inxi program is available right there in the repos.  I've added Openbox and a bunch of my favorite apps. I decided to go with KDE instead of Xfce on my main computer for a number of reasons; KDE gives you a beautiful desktop, great tools, and you get Dolphin (and Konqueror) instead of GNOME's Nautilus or Xfce's Thunar -- much better deal, in my opinion. I can switch over to Openbox when I'm in the mood for something lighter, and I've still got all of KDE underneath.

Konqueror's Services tab gives you the KDE Menu:

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