Tuesday, March 24, 2015

coming along nicely

MX Linux has turned out to be a unique and special distro (even as DistroWatch continues to leave it off their list of distros!).

Here's a link to the DistroWatch announcement about the latest release (note that MX is called a "special edition" of antiX).

This MEPIS/MX Community page has interesting info about the current release: http://www.mepiscommunity.org/features

MX-14.4 is based on Debian Wheezy, but it's rockin' Xfce 4.12, and it comes with many features you won't find elsewhere. I'm running it live here, from a flash drive, with home persistence.

Here's how MX-14.4 is set up by default, with the Whisker menu showing:

Right-clicking on the desktop gives you access to the more traditional-looking Applications menu, along with lots of desktop tools:

MX doesn't do so hot in the "looks" department, but it's Xfce, you can do lots of things to it. Xfce 4.12 lets you have different backgrounds for different workspaces, and you get two MX-14 wallpapers to choose from! :)

The RemasterCC tool, where you can set up persistence and so forth. If you click on the Help button, the appropriate section of the MX Linux Users Manual opens up in mx-viewer.

I set up home persistence and changed things around. G'bye, Whisker menu.

I decided to use the darker default wallpaper on workspace #2. Look at all those tools under the System submenu!

I've never done a hard drive installation of MX Linux, but it's great for live sessions from flash drives, and the MX-14.4 release looks like the best one so far. It's obvious that the community has put a lot of work into it. Nice job!

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