Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Carla Schroder's Mulit-Boot Tips

Linux guru Carla Schroder discusses Linux multi-boot tips at LinuxToday. In particular, I agree with the following:

The common wisdom is to have a shared home directory in a multiboot setup, but this has its own set of potential problems because it mixes data files and configuration files. So when you're trying out different distributions, your desktop settings may not translate gracefully across all of them. So what's the answer?
The answer is simple: create a separate data partition, and let every distro that you install have its own unique ~/home for your dotfiles. You'll jump through a couple of extra hoops to make your data directory accessible across all of your installed Linuxes, but it's no big deal, and it's easier than trying to make your dotfiles work across multiple distros and desktop versions.

I do the same thing.

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