Thursday, October 1, 2009

Will Boise Get a Shot?

After USC's stunning loss at Washington, Iowa's upset win at Penn State, and Oregon's crushing win over Cal, it's probably too early to predict an undefeated season for Boise State. But the #5 Broncos seem to have no major tests remaining on their schedule. Only two of the teams ahead of them in the polls (Florida, Texas, Alabama, and LSU) can possibly finish undefeated before the start of the bowl season -- three of those teams play in the SEC, and only one can emerge undefeated after the SEC championship game.

If Boise State finishes without a loss, and there aren't two undefeated teams in front of them in the polls, will the BCS system reward Boise State with a shot in the BCS championship game?

Considering their questionable schedule strength, would they deserve it?

We'll see how things play out, but once again the BCS system is showing its flaws, only a month into the season. I have several issues with the way things are in college football right now -- having the AP and USA Today polls coming out before the start of the season is one thing (how can anyone know how good a team is before they even play a game?). Crowning a so-called "national champion" without a playoff is another.

Just to further expose the BCS for the farce that it is, I really hope that Boise State finishes undefeated and that not more than one team currently above them in the polls does. Then we'll see what the voters decide. It doesn't matter if Boise State goes on the the national championship game and gets crushed. What matters is that someone outside of the "Big Six" conferences gets a chance to compete for the title. What matters is that we somehow get the ball rolling towards a playoff system -- my hope is for a 16-team playoff.