Friday, April 2, 2010

brilliant ncaa tourney idea?

They can't come up with a way to give us a playoff system for college football, but it looks like the NCAA has no problem finding a way to water down March Madness.

All indications are that the field will be expanded from 65 teams to 96 teams.

The last tournament expansion gave us 65 teams instead of 64, with a "play-in" game that almost nobody is interested in.

Now we get 31 mediocre teams into the tournament. Teams that have no business being there. Teams that have no chance of making it to the Final Four.

It definitely wasn't broke, but the NCAA's gonna fix it, anyway.

Instead of giving us what we really want -- playoffs for college football -- these Einsteins are gonna give us this "fix" that most fans don't want.

The nation's greatest sporting event is about to lose some of its luster.

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