Monday, August 23, 2010

tabbed application windows in kde4

Finally remembered to check out a "new" feature in KDE4 -- tabbed application windows.

This is something that I love to use in Fluxbox.  There, you simply drag a window's title bar onto another and you get one window with two tabs.  In KDE4, you right-click on a title bar, click on "Move Window to Group," and choose the group of applications that you want tabbed.

It's a great feature in Fluxbox, and a pretty good feature in KDE4.  I noticed, however, that switching between tabs in KDE4 isn't as snappy as it is in Fluxbox; and, the applications themselves seem a little bit slower when they're tabbed.  Because of these things, I'm not sure how much I'll use tabs in KDE4, but it's nice to have the feature available.

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