Thursday, September 16, 2010

wolverines ranked

When I found out that the University of Michigan's football team is ranked #20 in one poll and #22 in another, I was thinking, "I've heard this song before."

Last year, in week #4, before the bottom fell out, the Wolverines were ranked #20 in one poll and #22 in another.

It seems like this year's team has a very good chance of going 5-0.  Maybe even 6-0.

But this is the team that won only a single Big Ten game last year.  This is the team that lost last year at Illinois, 38-13.  That went 1-7 after starting 4-0.

And they stunk the year before that, too, going 3-9 on the season.

This year, they beat UConn.  So Michigan joins the list of teams picking on Big East teams.  That puts them up with decent FCS teams.

They beat Notre Dame, just like they did last year.  So what?

They've got Denard Robinson at the helm, and he's had a great start.  It's all good.

But Denard is just one guy.  He's had two great games against some questionable opponents.  Was the QB position really UofM's biggest problem the past two seasons?

Denard doesn't play defense.  Have we forgotten how terrible UofM's defense has been for the past two years?

Folks, the jury is gonna be out on this team until they get into Big Ten play.  Like I said, I've heard this song before.  How they qualify as a Top 25 team is beyond me.

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