Monday, January 17, 2011


This one seems a bit odd to me:, a minimalist "online writing workspace," as they call it.

The idea is that the navigation bar at the top of most editors is distracting for writers; QuietWrite gets rid of the navigation bar and gives you what they call a "peaceful online editor."  Here are some links to some recent reviews:

The interface lets you "publish" your writings, like a blog, or upload your writing to, or you can just keep your writing stored but unpublished.  But you can also use the interface without even logging in -- just click on the "Start Writing" button.

If you're interested, be sure to check out the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy to make sure you're comfortable with the app.

I've never felt that any editor's interface was particularly distracting, and I have a hard time understanding the need or usefulness of this application.  Normally, when I need to do some writing and have it available online, I just put it in a Gmail draft or use Google Docs (when I'm not writing directly to this blog).

In either case, I'm not comfortable with putting any real personal stuff out there in "the cloud," and I don't feel any differently about using QuietWrite.

But I can see where some people might like it; I can see where it could come handy for some folks.  And the interface does seem soothing and calming.  Maybe there's something to it!

Yet, isn't all that stuff at the top of the browser window also distracting?

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