Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bodhi hit hard


Dedoimedo reviewed Bodhi Linux after, as he say Bodhi's main dev contacted him and asked him to take it "for a spin."

Be careful what you ask for. The title: "Bodhi Linux -- Minimalistic and pointless."

Bodhi comes with E17, and I have to agree with some of Dedoimedo's comments about that environment. I have it installed in PCLOS, but I'm finding that I don't log into it very much. My experiences with both Enlightenment (both E16 and E17) have been kinda fun, but... the word "unprofessional" comes to mind, I guess.

Bodhi is another Ubuntu spin-off. As Dedoimedo says, "Seriously, do we really need another Ubuntu pimpage...?" Hm.

And, he sure did run into a lot of issues with the distro, even though he did state that it was an early release.

From his concluding comments:

   Bodhi Linux is pointless. There's no other word to describe it.
   The distribution lacks pretty much everything to be functional, starting with a text editor and continuing everywhere. There are many bugs and problems, both visual and functional. The desktop theme is designed to be stylish, but it manages to be cramped and archaic, with the old-looking font decorations that pale against the typical modern Gnome or KDE stuff.
   But even if you ignore the aesthetics, Bodhi Linux gives you no reason to use it. Absolutely everything you might expect from a typical desktop is missing, save the Web browser, which too lacks the bling-bling demanded by today's users [...] 
   Dedoimedo says no to Bodhi. Perhaps one day.

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