Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yeah, Jerryd Bayless, the 6'2" guard from Phoenix, who starred at St. Mary's H.S. and the University of Arizona, deserves that question mark following his name.

The record will show that the Toronto Raptor finished this season averaging a little over 9 points per game in a little over 20 minutes per game.

But he saw some good minutes in the month of April (almost 38 minutes per game), started in 7 of 8 games, and produced to the tune of 22.5 points per game. It should be noted, however, that the Raptors lost 6 of those 8 games.

Bayless just finished his third year in the NBA. He came out of school early, and he turns 21 in August. He's already suited up for three different teams.

He's shown that he can score, and he seems to do fairly well when he gets the minutes. But, right now, he doesn't seem to really light it up off the bench. He's no "Microwave," at least not yet.

What will the future hold for him? They say there's always a roster spot in the NBA for a guy who can score, right? But, where does he fit in? He isn't your prototypical point guard, but he doesn't have shooting guard size. He seems inconsistent.

I keep waiting for the guy to break out.

He's still young, but... I'm afraid the jury is still out.

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