Thursday, June 23, 2011

awesome in squeeze

A couple of (kinda boring) shots of AwesomeWM in Debian Squeeze.

The empty desktop, browser minimized (no desktop icons, of course):

And, showing the main menu, accessed here by right-clicking on the desktop, with the Debian menu opened up:

I'm not very good at using tiling window managers, probably because I really don't use them all that much. When I log into AwesomeWM, I actually have to open up man awesome because I always forget the key  bindings and mouse bindings.

man awesome gives you the default mouse and key bindings, and other information, so I guess there's no reason to list those things here. man awesomerc and man awesome-client are a couple of other important manual pages.

The "official" site for AwesomeWM:

A tutorial for folks new to AwesomeWM and tiling window managers:


And, some good info at Urukrama's Weblog:

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