Saturday, September 17, 2011


"The best Linux distro of 2011!"

OK, that's an interesting article, and the comments that follow are interesting as well, but...

The title misleads since they're only comparing six distros: Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, and OpenSUSE.

And, "best" is so... subjective. Who can say which is "best" for a given individual? Except for "Performance," where they showed a chart of boot times at startup, folks will argue about every comparison they made in the article; and even the boot times at startup depend on different things, like which desktop you've installed and so forth. They found openSUSE (with KDE) to be the fastest, but I wondered if it would really boot faster than Debian with Xfce, for example. And boot times would certainly vary depending on the amount of RAM you have, right?

Some of the things they said in the article were inaccurate, incomplete, or simply wrong. But the article is sure to spark a lot of debate in the Linux community, where the "best" Linux distro is usually "the one I'm using right now."

With six distros running here, and a couple of different releases of three of those distros, and with some long-term experience with a few others, my opinion is that there is no "best" Linux distro. Each one has its pros and cons; sometimes I feel like I could list a bunch of distros on a wall, blindly throw a dart at it to pick a distro, do a little tweaking, and walk away happy.

Besides, they didn't even mention Mepis or PCLinuxOS. :)

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