Saturday, September 24, 2011

d'backs clinch!

Alright! Time to get it on! Been a long time coming, but Arizona is finally back in it. Don't know if they can get to the Series (Philly is very tough) but at least they've got a chance. Anything can happen. As always, hoping to see D'Backs-Tigers in the Series, as improbable as that seems.

A year ago, the D'Backs went 65-97. They'd also lost 90-something games the year before. Kudos to Kirk Gibson and to the players! Worst to first!

The Diamondbacks might not go far in the playoffs, but what a great year anyway! This is the cool thing about MLB, every now and then a team can completely turn it around.

Rooting hard for the Tigers as well. Can't wait for the playoffs to start!

And there's them dang Yankees, still standing in the way! That team is always up there! Everybody's gotta be expecting Phillies vs. Yankees in the World Series. And Philly might have the pitching to take 'em. But I wouldn't count anybody out. It's a whole new ballgame once the playoffs start; anybody can get hot. Who knows, the Brewers might even come through!

By the way, I think the Tigers' Verlander deserves the AL MVP as well as the Cy Young that he's certain to get.

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