Saturday, October 29, 2011

saguaro vs. chaparral

Last night in Scottsdale, Arizona, two #1 high school teams faced off.

Scottsdale Chaparral, the #1 team in Division II, came in with a 9-1 record. Cross-town rival Scottsdale Saguaro, the #1 team in Division III, came in at 8-1. It was a nationally televised game, and the first time since 2008 that the teams had met.

It was being touted as the game of the year.

So, what happened? Saguaro rested their starters -- for the playoffs. Chaparral won in a blow-out, 65-0.

A complete embarrassment for Arizona high school football. And, to make matters worse, Chaparral coach Charlie Ragle even had the nerve to go for two-point conversions with his team up by almost 50 points.

Nobody won in this one. Poor sportsmanship on each side. Nobody comes out of this with bragging rights. Just a pitiful example of how stupid decisions by adults can ruin a good thing for kids and fans.

A couple of articles about this fiasco, here and here. Be sure to check out the comments following the articles.

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