Monday, February 27, 2012

dw on saline

Nice review of SalineOS 1.6 at this week's DistroWatch.

The author writes:

"I previously tried SalineOS about a year ago and my impression then was that it wasn't doing badly for a young project, but it didn't appear to have its niche carved out yet. With the arrival of the new 1.6 release I tried SalineOS again in the hopes the project had found a clear focus."

However, I've felt all along that the focus and direction of SalineOS was quite clear, as stated at the SalineOS "About" page:

The primary goal of the SalineOS project is to deliver a fast, lightweight, clean, easy to use and well doccumented operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux.

Anyway, as someone who's been using SalineOS for over a year now, I thought that most of the review was spot-on. I haven't experienced the bug that the author mentioned where the keyboard layout changes to French. I agreed with his point about Saline's AutoUpdate tool: "The update button in the system tray works well enough, but given SalineOS' friendly approach to most things, I think it makes sense to put a graphical update tool in its place."

No mention was made of the fact that the AutoUpdate script uses aptitude instead of apt-get, and the author seemed unaware of the plans to not include Synaptic in SalineOS 2.0.

Overall, a fair review considering that the reviewer has used the distro for only a bit over one week.

One comment at DistroWatch said:

You never seem to mention if these packages are there or not

usb-mode switch

please in future do Not everyone has hardline or wifi

Of those packages, I found all but networkmanager-openvpn, networkmanager-vpnc, and parcelite installed or available via Synaptic. Instead of usb-mode switch, I found usb-modeswitch, so I assume that space was a typo.

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