Wednesday, February 15, 2012

gnome shell extensions update

Yesterday, I brought in a GNOME Shell upgrade (to in Fedora 16, so I decided to take a look at the GNOME Shell extensions on my system -- to see which ones might have been rendered incompatible by the upgrade, and to see which other ones I still might want to keep.

All of the extensions that I installed from the Fedora repos still work fine, of course. These include:

- alternative-status-menu (turned on)
- apps-menu (turn on, but hardly ever used)
- dock (turned off)
- icon-manager (turned off)
- user-theme (turned on)
- workspace-indicator (turned on, but hardly ever used)

As for the extensions that I installed from the GNOME Shell Extensions web site, one of them, Panel-Docklet, is no longer compatible. I removed it. I also removed the Window List Extension. Neither one of those are extensions that I've been actually using, anyway.

I added one very nice extension from the website, called Quit Button. This extension replaces the user name and status icon with a "quit" button.

There's no way to easily uninstall the extensions that you've installed from the web site; to get rid of them, I had to delete them from ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions.

One pleasant surprise was that the web site now works with Google Chrome, which, in Fedora 16, I have updated to version 18.0.1025.11 beta. Before, I had to access the web site using Firefox.

I still feel that I'm better off without much in the way of GNOME Shell extensions. I like the way GNOME Shell is set up, and there are only a few extensions that are helpful to me.

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