Monday, February 6, 2012

one-man distro

Not sure what these will ultimately mean for PCLinuxOS, but its developer, the incredibly talented and hard-working Bill Reynolds (aka "Texstar") is taking a break for health reasons. I just found out about this post at the PCLOS forums, from January 25th:

Making some changes around here. The Dr. says no more PCLinuxOS for me for a while cuz I've been doing way too much and ran out of gogo juice. Sooo I'm turning over lots of duties to others. Neal and Old-Polack will be taking care of business and others in the community will be stepping up to handle packaging, ISO's and other goodies. Please be patient until everyone can get up to speed on things ok?

I'll continue dropping in on the forum from time to time, and helping the team if they have questions or need advise, but for now I'll be leaving the day to day management of PCLinuxOS to Neal, Old-Polack, and the rest of the team. Please treat them all with the kindness and respect you've always shown me. I'd appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!

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