Saturday, February 11, 2012

widen awesomewm menu

Looking at the Debian menu section of my AwesomeWM menu (in Debian Squeeze), you can see that some of the labels are cut off:

Even the first label in the main part of the menu (the one for "google-chrome") barely fits. Not really a big deal, and something that I've been simply ignoring for a long time. I was making sure to keep the labels in the main part of the menu short, though.

Well, someone at the Debian User Forums asked about this, so I decided to look into it. Turns out you can widen the menu. Mine now looks like this:

To do this, my first step was to check ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua to see which theme I was using. I found:

-- {{{ Variable definitions
-- Themes define colours, icons, and wallpapers (edited to look from the theme in ~/.config).

So, I opened ~/.config/awesome/themes/default/theme.lua and changed theme.menu_width from "100" to "175":

-- Variables set for theming the menu:
-- menu_[bg|fg]_[normal|focus]
-- menu_[border_color|border_width]
theme.menu_submenu_icon = "/usr/share/awesome/themes/default/submenu.png"
theme.menu_height = "15"
theme.menu_width  = "175"

Of course, a "restart" was necessary for the changes to take effect (menu > awesome > restart).

Mission accomplished.

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