Wednesday, February 8, 2012

xmarks in chromium/chrome

I use the Chromium and Google Chrome web browsers across various Linux distros. Sometimes I use Firefox, too, but not so much anymore. I've been using Xmarks to synchronize my bookmarks in the different browsers, and in the different distros. Chromium, Chrome, and Firefox all have easy-to-install extensions (or add-ons) for Xmarks.

In Google Chrome, there's an Xmarks icon sitting at the top of the browser:

Right-click on it, and you have the following options:

Here are the four tabs in the Xmarks interface:

The bookmarks can also be exported to an HTML file. In Google Chrome, click on the "Customize" button, then navigate to Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager. In the Bookmark Manager, Organize > Export Bookmarks to HTML file. This is especially useful if you want to copy your bookmarks into a browser that have an Xmarks extension.

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