Saturday, March 24, 2012

the experiment continues

Hadn't logged into Semplice Linux for awhile, so today I did. 277 packages to be upgraded (or installed for dependencies). Wow. I don't know about this Debian Unstable stuff (Semplice is based on Unstable)!

Before bringing in Semplice upgrades, I've gotten into the habit of visiting the Debian Weather site and checking to see how "safe" things are to do upgrades for my version (i386) on a given day. I don't really know how good of an indicator this page is, so all I can really do is hope for the best, I guess.

In Synaptic, I clicked on "Mark All Upgrades" and "Apply." After a moment, the following appeared:

I probably should have unmarked the packages shown here, but instead I typed "Y" for Yes and continued on. Then, held my breath as I rebooted.

Whew! The system booted up fine, and from what I can tell everything's working fine. I was kinda expecting some serious problems this time around.

I don't know how long it'll be before something breaks on this system. I certainly wouldn't recommend Semplice Linux -- or Debian Unstable -- for a "production machine." Better to go with Debian Stable (or one of the spin-offs that uses Stable repos, like Mepis or SalineOS) and have no worries.

But, so far so good with my Semplice experiment. Got my fingers crossed.

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