Sunday, March 18, 2012

glued to the tv

This is the one time of year when I find my butt planted in front of the tv for hours -- March Madness, the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Impressive performances so far by Kentucky and North Carolina. Indiana looks surprisingly tough, too; they're one of two teams to beat Kentucky this year, and the two teams will face off again this week.

Kudos to Ohio University, from the Mid-American Conference, for making it to Sweet Sixteen. They're the lowest remaining seed (13th) in the tournament. Their reward? A date with the Tar Heels. Ouch.

And, how about the state of Ohio? Four Ohio teams made it to the Sweet Sixteen: Ohio State, Xavier, Ohio, and Cincinnati.

There have been some nice upsets so far in the tournament -- most notably, #15 seed Lehigh over #2 seed Duke, #15 seed Norfolk State over #2 seed Missouri, and #13 seed Ohio over #4 seed Michigan. But all four #1 seeds (Kentucky, North Carolina, Michigan State, and Syracuse) are still standing.

It's "March Madness," so anything can happen, but chances look good for seeing two #1 seeded teams facing off for the title. And while I'm pulling hardest for Michigan State to win it all, I'm always hoping for a Final Four with no #1 seeds.

Great teams like Kentucky and North Carolina are incredible to watch, but this tournament is all about the upsets. That's what puts the "Madness" into "March Madness." The main reason I tune in is for the chance to see unheralded players from unheralded teams rise to the occassion and slay some giants. It's "The Big Dance" -- one of the greatest events in all of sports (up there with the Olympic games and World Cup soccer, in my opinion).

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