Tuesday, April 24, 2012

black clothing, hot desert

We don't get the kind of heat up here in Albuquerque that they get down in the Phoenix, AZ area -- the so-called "Valley of the Sun," where I lived for almost 25 years. But our forecast for today here is calling for near-record heat -- pushing 90 degrees (in April!).

For folks living in the Desert Southwest, it seems almost like common sense to wear light-colored clothing out in the sun. But then we see photos like these, of Bedouin or Taureg people wearing black.

Are they crazy? Or do these desert-dwellers know something that we don't know?

Food for thought:

Or, this letter at nature.com. Folks in Albuquerque, a kinda windy place, but with quite warm, dry summer days, might want to take note of the reference to wind speeds; a little breeze, and loose clothing (dark or light), appear to be key factors.

Might have to rethink my summer wardrobe.

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