Wednesday, April 4, 2012

linux command line ebook

If you're serious about learning to use the Linux command line, you might want to check out this eBook (in .pdf format): The Linux Command Line, by William E. Schotts, Jr. Thanks to PCLinuxOS forums member "menotu" for posting about this; here's the April 2, 2012 Linuxaria article about the eBook:

eBook "The Linux Command Line", a complete guide to using the command line

William E. Shotts, Jr., published a few years ago a useful ebook entitled “The Linux Command Line”, a guide to learn and know more about the Command Line Interface (CLI) on GNU / Linux. The ebook is still available for download and is released under a Creative Commons license.

Although most distributions have graphical environments and interfaces for applications, the command line continues to be a useful tool to do various tasks while using the system. Even the combination of GUI and command line interface, well used, can help you to perform the tasks that you need quickly and accurately.

The ebook “The Linux Command Line” is a comprehensive guide on the command line. Starting from the basics, the most common commands are presented and later Chapters offers increasingly more advanced information, so that makes it suitable for both new users of the Linux system, and for the skilled users.

“The Linux Command Line” is divided into 5 chapters

1. Introduction. The reason the book and that of its usefulness.

2. Learning the Shell. Start exploring the basic language of the command line including things like the structure of commands, file system navigation, editing in the command line and find the help and documentation for commands.

3. The configuration and environment. Covers editing configuration files that control the operation of the computer from the command line.

4. Common tasks and essential tools. Explore many of the common tasks that are performed from the command line. Unix-like systems such as Linux, containing many ‘classics’ command line programs  that are used to perform effective operations.

5. Writing Shell Scripts. Enter the shell programming, a technique certainly rudimentary, but easy to learn, to automate many common computing tasks. Learning the shell programming will become familiar with the concepts can be applied to many other programming languages​​.

The ebook is available to download for free in PDF format, in English:

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