Thursday, June 28, 2012

fluxbox in sabayon

Sabayon 9 comes with Fluxbox, so I decided to log into a session and have a look around.

By default, they went with the Nyz style, which fits nicely with the default Sabayon 9 wallpaper.

But I found the default Fluxbox menu quite lacking; there was no mention of Chromium or Dolphin, for example -- under Net > Browsers, I found Konqueror and Lynx, and under File utils, I again found Konqueror.

But Konqueror is a very useful application to start out with in Fluxbox when the menu isn't set up yet. After navigating to the Home directory, I could get to applications via Go > Applications; or, I could do much the same thing by navigating to Settings > Show Sidebar, then clicking on the Services button on the left side.

That allowed me to open up applications without using the command line, even if they weren't shown in the default Fluxbox menu. I've used Fluxbox many times before, so I have copies of old ~/.fluxbox/menu files to work refer to. I saved a copy of Sabayon's original ~/.fluxbox/menu file, then proceeded to create my own menu.

That's good enough for now.

One nice feature about Fluxbox is the ability to tab applications at the top of one window. I don't use this feature much because having a panel kinda makes it redundant, but it's useful sometimes when you have a lot going on.

I thought Sabayon should have done a better job of setting up the default Fluxbox menu to show some of the available applications, but it's kinda fun setting it up yourself, too. You can always run applications by opening up a terminal; and, the main menu has a "Run" entry, which opens the "Run Program" box:

As with KDE, Fluxbox in Sabayon 9 is fast and beautiful. Nice touch by the devs to include it!

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