Friday, June 29, 2012

tweaking cinnamon

In Cinnamon, the dialog boxes are attached to the parent window. Whenever a dialog box is open, if you try to move it, its parent window will move along with it.

To disable this behavior, open up gconf-editor (you'll need to install it if you haven't already). Then:

desktop > windows > cinnamon > uncheck the box next to "attach_modal_dialogs"

Then Alt+F2. Then type r and press Enter. That'll restart the desktop, and the change will have taken effect.

A big "Thanks" to "bill," who mentioned this fix in this blog post at MPSHouse Blog.

There are still a few other things I'd liked to see in Cinnamon:

1. The ability to adjust the width of the panel; I've read that this is coming in the next version of Cinnamon.
2. Allow the Cinnamon Window List panel applet to show open windows from all desktops instead of only from the current desktop.
3. "Icons only" in the Window List instead of "Icons and Text." As I recall, this is something that I also couldn't change in GNOME 2.

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