Monday, July 16, 2012

unity - showing windows

Here's a shot of a kinda messy workspace in Ubuntu 12.04's Unity, with four windows opened up:

I've got three Nautilus windows open and one Geany window open. So, on the left edge, on the launcher, there are three ticks to left of the Nautilus icon, and one tick to the left of the Geany icon. You'll note that there are no icons on the top panel showing open application windows, which is a common complaint about Unity, but you can tell by the ticks on the launcher's icons which apps have open windows running.

But what happens if you open up one of the Nautilus windows full-screen?

Great. Now how are you supposed to get back to one of the other windows?

Well, you can click on the Geany icon on the launcher, and that'll bring the Geany window back up. You can also use Ubuntu Tweak to set up a screen edge action to show the windows from the current workspace:

Here, I've moved my cursor to the bottom left corner:

But here's something I didn't know until today: If there are multiple windows of one app running, clicking on its launcher icon will show all the windows of that app:

So even if one window is at full-screen, there are still a few different easy ways to get at the windows hidden behind it.

Another way, of course, is good old Alt+Tab:

If you keep holding the Alt button down, you can press Tab to move over the Nautilus icon. Then, still holding the Alt button down, you can Tab over to the Nautilus window you want to go to:

Not that any of this will make the Unity-haters happy, but ya can't please everyone!

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