Monday, October 15, 2012


The SpaceFM file manager was mentioned back in February at Web Upd8 (see: I dig the name, of course. I finally got around to checking it out, in Debian Wheezy (GNOME), after first glancing at it in a Parted Magic live session (see my previous post).

I downloaded spacefm_0.7.11-1_all.deb from the SpaceFM homepage by following the instructions there. Then, Nautilus > Downloads > right-clicked on the file > Open With Software Install. A message asked, “Do you want to install this file?” I clicked on the “Install” button. A box came up that said, “To install this file, additional software also has to be modified.” There was a list of software to be installed (63.6 MB worth). I clicked “Continue.” I was prompted for my password. Stuff downloaded. Stuff installed. Took a long time, but finally completed. I started it up by finding it under Activities.

When I clicked on Help > User's Manual, the SpaceFM User's Manual opened up in Iceweasel. It's located in /usr/share/doc/spacefm/spacefm-manual-en.html, and it says right at the top that "This document is under construction and incomplete," but the info in there was enough to get me going. The User's Manual can also be viewed online, here.

Looks pretty good; tabs, multiple panels, very configurable. Here's a screenshot showing two tabs and two panels open:

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