Wednesday, December 26, 2012

freedom at the forums

I used to dislike the Debian forums for all of the Ubuntu hatred that gets spewed out there, and the foul language and so forth.

Well, I still don't care for that stuff, and I think it makes Debian look bad.

But I think the over-moderated Ubuntu forums are worse. Instead of forum administrators/moderators, they should call them "forum gods."

Freedom of speech at Linux forums has become a more important thing to me, I guess, than heavy moderation. I guess the Ubuntu forums have shown me just how oppressive over-moderation can be.

I understand that I have to go along with how things are done if I want to continue to participate at any particular distro's forums. I still visit Mint's and SalineOS's forums, and the Mepis forums, even though I don't currently use either of those distros (I no longer visit the PCLOS forums ever since I stopped using that distro). I'll keep participating at Ubuntu's, even though sometimes it's like walking on eggshells.

But I've come to be more appreciative of the freedom at the Debian forums than I used to be. Some people over there may be jerks, sometimes, but that's okay. You just grow a thicker skin and learn to laugh some things off.

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