Saturday, December 15, 2012

variety wallpaper changer in wheezy

I decided to try the Variety Wallpaper Changer in Debian Wheezy. I went to the Variety website and downloaded variety_0.4.12_all.deb. Then I opened Nautilus, right-clicked on the .deb, and clicked on "Open With Software Install." The necessary dependencies were listed; I followed the prompts and installed them. Then I set up the wallpaper changer after adding a directory containing the images I wanted to use.

Another approach that worked for me in Debian Wheezy, of course: Download the .deb file, su to the Downloads directory, and run dpkg -i variety_0.4.12_all.deb (as root). dpkg won’t install a package whose dependencies aren’t met, so I got messages about the unmet dependencies. So I simply went to Synaptic, clicked on Edit > Fix Broken Packages. The variety_0.4.12_all.deb package was listed and marked, so then I clicked on “Apply.” That installed the dependencies and configured Variety.

Once you start up Variety, you're taken to its Preferences window. Variety is set up for downloading images from Flickr, Wallbase, etc. I turned all that stuff off and set it up to pull images from my wallpapers directory:

Other preferences can be configured via the other tabs.

Variety automatically pulls random wallpapers from the directory. There are no settings to change from "random" to "sequential." How the wallpapers are drawn on the screen is determined by the desktop environment's settings -- there are no settings in the app for zoom, scale, fill, etc.

Variety got installed in /opt. There's a help document that can be called up with the following command:

$ /opt/ --help

Variety appears to work fine with GNOME Shell and Xfce. It puts an icon in the system tray area. Here's what it looks like in Wheezy's Xfce when I right-click on the icon, with the "Playback" submenu opened:

For more info, see the Variety Wallpaper Changer website, or the following web pages:

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