Sunday, March 10, 2013

debian the great

I run several Linux distributions here, but I consider Debian to be my "primary" distro. It's the one that I'm most likely to still be using years and years down the road. For me, it's the best, most dependable distro out there. Right now, I'm running Debian Wheezy, the current Debian Testing.

Obviously, many other people feel the same. Steven Rosenberg explains some of the reasons why he likes Debian in If you run Linux, you can run Debian. At least give it a try. I especially like this part from his blog post:

I’ve installed and run just about everything. Yes, that includes Slackware. But Debian is what I always fall back on. I can count on Debian and its volunteers. I can get work done. I can enjoy things like video and music without trouble. No corporation is in control of my desktop experience. My “weakest” machines can run it, as do my strongest.

Debian doesn't give me "the latest and greatest" stuff, and it doesn't give me the simplest installation. But it always gives me a rock-solid system; I install it, I keep it updated, and I don't worry about it at all. No surprises; quite simply, a system that always works.

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