Thursday, March 14, 2013


I got going with Fedora with Fedora 14; since then, I usually have both of the most recent releases running here -- currently, F17 (KDE) and F18 (GNOME).

A lot of times, I guess you could describe Fedora as "Red Hat Sid/Testing." The new releases come every six months or so, and with the frequent kernel upgrades that come in (often every week or two), I experience more weirdness booting Fedora than I see in any other distro.

Yet, I enjoy running Fedora. I think they do an amazing job, considering what kind of distro it is. I prefer Fedora over running Debian Sid, or running Debian Testing all the time (I've had good experiences, however, with stepping into Testing a few months after the Squeeze and Wheezy "freezes"). Okay, every now and then I have to boot with the previous kernel instead of the current one, but other than that it seems surprisingly stable.

Of course, having it as one of the distros in my multi-boot set-up is one thing; using it as the sole operating system (and/or replacing Debian with it) would be another! On that note, some recent stuff from DistroWatch's comments section (looks like some people just aren't "feeling the love"):

44 • MY choice of operating system (by Pissed off Fedora victim on 2013-03-13 23:14:37 GMT from United States)

Fedora is getting bad.
Their ill conceived updates victimize the users.

Things an update has broken on a running system , Not hackers but foolish mistakes from Fedora's update servers

No sound .
No mouse.
No Network.
And now.
No Firewall.
Dozens of rules changed by an update and no easy way to fix it. I find out. They renamed eth0 to p3p1 . I can not even find any info except iptables Shades of 1960's Debian Potatoe. I hate adding iptables rules, Manually.
I guess it is time to start using a real operating system written by someone who cares like Windows 8. I wont be back Fedora.

45 • re: MY choice of operating system (by Peter Besenbruch on 2013-03-14 04:20:44 GMT from United States)

Fedora Is THE distribution of bleeding edge change and to hell with the consequences. It's principal use is as a test bed for future Red Hat Enterprise Linux upgrades. Happy Fedora users are those who like the bleeding edge, and who don't mind tinkering. Hobbyists. If you need to get actual work done, Fedora is the last distro I would consider.

46 • @44 choices... (by DavidEF on 2013-03-14 12:07:11 GMT from United States)

"I guess it is time to start using a real operating system written by someone who cares like Windows 8. I wont be back Fedora."

I'm hoping you're being sarcastic, or in some way joking at least. But, in the off chance that you really BELIEVE that line, let me be the first to say: Don't come back. If you actually think Windows 8 is made by someone who cares about you, please don't ever use linux again, and please don't come back on here trolling again. No hard feelings, but have a nice life, and enjoy your Windows OS.

47 • @46 (by slink on 2013-03-14 12:56:07 GMT from United States)

I can believe that the commenter on #44 believes what he/she wrote. I swore off of Fedora years ago due to difficulties in getting basic features working and also in keeping them working.

If the only two OS choices for a PC were Win8 and Fedora, and I were asked which one was crafted by a company that cares anything about the end user, I would not hesitate to choose Win8 either.

LOL!​ Stay away from Fedora! (Looking forward to F19...)

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