Saturday, July 6, 2013

latest fedora

One of my favorite Linux reviewers, Arindam Sen, takes a look at the Fedora 19 KDE, GNOME, Xfce, and LXDE 32-bit spins in Fedora 19 Review: Not flashy but very dependable, KDE being the best of the lot!

Sounds like, overall, F19 looks good; I'm not surprised. I had nice runs with the F14 through F18 releases.

Fedora's a great distro, but I've decided to pass on Fedora 19. Beginning with Fedora 14, I'd been keeping each of the two most recent releases installed here, running each release until its EOL (about 13 months). Usually, I switched between GNOME and KDE releases; for example, most recently, I had F17 KDE and F18 GNOME installed. This allowed me to get pretty good looks at recent developments with the GNOME and KDE environments.

But lately, I'm less interested in Fedora. I get the latest KDE in Sabayon and Chakra; I'm okay with older GNOME Shell versions (in Debian Stable and Ubuntu LTS); and, Arch Linux (via a couple of its derivatives -- Bridge Linux and ArchBang) has kinda steered me in another direction. Plus, unlike Fedora, with its approximately 13-month support cycle for releases, Sabayon, Chakra, Bridge, and ArchBang are all rolling-release distros. In theory, no installations of new releases required.

Still, Fedora's one of the most important distros out there, so I'll keep an eye on things, and maybe get back around to it later.

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