Monday, August 12, 2013

switched to mac os x

No, I haven't switched, but I was reading a blog post by Denis Koryavov, a developer who used to work with the Linux distro called ROSA (a Russian distro). He said he needed a vacation from working on free software, so he quit ROSA back in May, and he says that now " main laptop is - MacBook Pro 15 (retina) with MacOS X 10.8."

That sounds really cool; I hear that's a great laptop.

Then, Koryavov goes on to say:

To be honest, I'm happy with this. Everything just works. Unfortunately and I can say this freely now: if we will speak about usability (and not ideology) GNU/Linux distros are still not rivals for the MacOS X and Microsoft Windows on desktops and laptops.

More than 20 years of development and any free distro can't be the rival of the proprietary operating systems? Unfortunately not. Even Ubuntu and ROSA. Why? I have plans to write an other post about this. Stay tuned. :)

Wow. That statement won't go over too well in the Linux world, of course. But I have no doubts that what he says is true, which is one reason why I have never tried to convince anyone to switch over to Linux.

For myself, though, it IS about ideology (and not so much about usability), and it is NOT about rivaling Mac OS X and Windows. I am not one of those who cares about seeing Linux "defeat" Mac OS X and Windows or whatever. For me, it's all about FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and having a decent option to use instead of proprietary software.

When I install a Linux system, I'm not expecting for it to be perfect, or to be as easy to set up and use as Mac OS X or Windows. I just want to be able to get my computing done with as little cost as possible, and I want to support FOSS with my time and efforts.

I want for Linux to be good, but all I really need is for Linux to be good enough (for my purposes). And it is.

But if someone wants to give me a Macbook Pro, hey, I'd be down with that! :)

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