Sunday, December 1, 2013

archbang site

Finally found some news about the ArchBang site, which has been down for a while now.

From Nov 22:

Archbang site down

Hi Ab-ers,
For some unknown reason the site of AB is down. but also the forums and the wiki.
We haven't pulled the plug out of AB and hope to be back as soon as possible!!
We're trying to find a solution.

Update  23 nov.: Our  site seems to be hacked; there are strong indices in that direction; we are trying to find a solution.
Get back to this place to find updates on further developments...

In the mean time the updates and testing isos are available at:

And from Dec 1:

Archbang site hopefully back coming week

This has taken already too much time.
But we were in the dark about what the problems were and because personal changes and indirect communication lines we can't act as directly as we could and should.

What we know now is that we suffered from DOS attacks from China.
When in an offtopic comment China and corruption are linked that is maybe already enough to get the Army of Gov Hackers on your back. So much for internet freedom.. and where its biggest threat lies.
Any way we hope the be back soon...

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