Sunday, December 8, 2013

fedora 19 compared to korora 19

Mayank Sharma takes a good (and interesting) look at the GNOME spins of Fedora 19 and Korora 19: Fedora 19 vs Korora 19: which is the best distro for you?

Korora, which is based on Fedora, is probably the easier of the two for the casual user (whoever that is), but I tend to prefer using a parent distro instead of a derivative. However, in this case I might want to go with Korora if I was gonna install one of these distros today.

My issue with both distros: The support period is too short for my tastes.

What attracts me about both distros: They both include recent GNOME versions. Right now, I'm running older versions of GNOME in Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu 12.04.

Currently, the only .rpm distro I'm running is openSUSE. I think I'll keep it that way, for now. I enjoyed running Fedora (I ran F14 through F18), but I've kinda decided to go in other directions.

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