Monday, December 30, 2013

here they come

Two articles:

"Google's Threat To Microsoft, Chromebooks Are Now 21% Of Notebooks And 10% Of All Computers And Tablets"

"Chromebook is Giving Macbook a Run for its Money"

A Chromebook? Yeah, I'd probably have one right now except that I'm already doing fine with a few notebooks, running Linux. The price is right, because a Chromebook can be had for about $250 bucks. From what I've read, it might not be too difficult to slap Linux on most of 'em if the user doesn't want to stay with ChromeOS.

Look at the Chromebook sales between this year and last year, compared to those of Windows notebooks, Apple notebooks, iPads, Android tablets, and Windows tablets:

Chromebooks are exploding onto the scene, and for good reasons. They're a good solution for a lot of people. Should be interesting to see how things go in 2014.

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