Wednesday, April 16, 2014

sort nitrogen's image list

CrunchBang comes with Nitrogen, which is pretty nice for setting desktop backgrounds, but I found it kinda frustrating that Nitrogen's image list (in the menu, go to Settings > Choose Wallpaper) was not sorted, making it difficult to find a particular image in a long list of images. Found a helpful article: "Getting nitrogen to sort the image listing alphabetically"

That blog post explains things nicely. To sum things up, the command for sorting Nitrogen's image list, as found in man nitrogen, is nitrogen --sort=alpha. You simply have to edit the ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml file, find the line nitrogen ~/images/wallpapers/, and change it to nitrogen --sort=alpha ~/images/wallpapers/.

Then reconfigure Nitrogen: Settings > Openbox > Reconfigure. Done.

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