Thursday, July 10, 2014

glowing review

A glowing video review of MX-14 "Symbiosis."

Nothing but accolades for MX-14; no negativity here! The reviewer looked at MX-14.0, but MX-14.2 is now available. Here's the brief release announcement from the antiX main page:

1 July 2014

MX-14.2 "Symbiosis" bugfix upgrade release available

Upgraded bugfix versions (pae and non-pae) of MX-14 are now available. This version has fixed some bugs found in MX-14.1.1 and Debian upstream.

- LibreOffice updated to 4.2.5version
- Google search engine bug fixed.
- Toned down faulty hard drive error when installing.
- Image files open with mirage.
- wl modules for broadcom wireless now on the cd image.
- updated documentation.

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