Friday, February 6, 2015

crunchbang, r.i.p.

Announcement of this distro's demise, here: "The end."

Sad to read this, although I wasn't surprised; this is how things tend to go with one-man projects in Linux.

Well, before this announcement came out, I had already replaced the Wheezy-based CrunchBang 11 ("Waldorf") with Debian Jessie (with only Openbox). I think that for my purposes, that would have been better than moving on to a Jessie-based release of CrunchBang, anyway. Still, it's always a sad day whenever a Linux distro dies -- especially, for me, one that's based on Debian Stable.

There's already been some talk of continuing on with a community-maintained version of CrunchBang. We'll see what happens.

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