Sunday, July 12, 2015

the latest from antiX

antiX-15 was released back around the end of June, but since I'm running several other distros (Debian, Arch, openSUSE, Ubuntu, LMDE, and Lubuntu) and I'm pretty happy with each of them, I really didn't give antiX-15 a second thought.

That is, until I watched this video from "dolphin_oracle": antiX-15 - What's New!

Well, as of this writing, I still haven't downloaded the iso and taken the release for a spin, but antiX-15 looks VERY interesting; I may have to look at in a live session, at the very least. If/when I do, I'll post a little more about it here.

For more info, check out the antiX Main Page, and especially the antiX-FAQ. You also might want to take a glance at the distro's DistroWatch page.

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